's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (July 22)

Here's what we thought was out of sight and just not right on television this week...


... A Poppin' Magnitude Compilation
Community's One-Man Party up in here!

... This Sonic commercial!
We're not sure what stoners would prefer more: getting grub at Sonic or watching this commercial.

... Paul Scheer's wig on NTSF:SD:SUV::
He's almost unrecognizable with it (and by that we mean not unrecognizable at all), making his character Trent Hauser, that much more believable.

... This Game of Thrones paperweight!
This Comic-Con exclusive is a must-have for anyone waging a War of The Five Kings on their desk. And with 60 spare bucks just lying around.

... This remake of the Mad Men opening credits
Well, maybe they're not the most creative, but it reminds us that when MM returns, they'll be in the full swinging sixties era...who isn't pumped for that?

... Comic Con Geekery
Only at Comic-Con would you see a grown woman dressed as a Hogwarts student asking Jason "Khal Drogo" Momoa to describe the differences between being in a "sci-fi show" and a "fantasy show." GEEKSPLOSION. Bonus Swell points to hear Momoa basically crap all over SyFy's no-frills approach to TV making.


... Natalie Cole agreeing to perform with the Countess on the Real Housewives
This saddens us to a depth unknown.

... This reenactment of the Rupert Murdoch Pie Situation on The Talk

We're embarrassed for you Sara Gilbert. Correction, even more embarrassed for you, Sara Gilbert.

... Paris Hilton walking out of her interview with GMA
Very diva-esque for somebody whose 15 minutes is up, but we'd walk out on this smarmy interviewer too.

For bidding on an interview with Casey Anthony that would pay $1 million.

... CBS' Same Name Show
The same name for this show would be "Utter Garbage." But hey, our bosses made it, so make sure you watch the premiere this Sunday night! Only on CBS!

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I would hope that a court-appointed attorney for Caylee Marie Anthony would file suit for ANY monies received by Casey Anthony to set up a charitable fund for neglected and abused children. A civil suit would at least keep this lowest form of humanity from profiting from this child's death.
Swell: Traces performing on AGT. They are too cool!
Breaking Bad was pretty damn swell!
I like the talk. Hell, I'm the editor of it, while I found the pie in the face funny, i'm just glad the talk is getting a little notice. Its a pretty good show!
@vicbjones: actually The Soup Awards WAS a rerun, it aired months ago. unless the 1/12c reairing of that night's episode, which is when i watch it, wasn't the same as the episode that aired at 10/9c
Magnitude is awesome! Paris Hilton should take some lessons from him.
Good: 1) Chris Matthews' sub's commentary on how the pie throwing incident distracted the media from the Murdochs' performance at the wire-tapping hearing. 2) The Daily Show's "News Corpse" headline.

Bad: 1) The Soup Awards; Came across like the writers were on vacation, and a week after a rerun too. Definitely not as sharp and pithy as The Soup's usual shows. 2) Jon Stewart's interview with Steve Carell. Barely mentioned the movie Carell was there to promote.
Pop pop! Never gets old.

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