's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (July 30)

Here's what we thought was out of sight and just not right on TV this week.


... Jon Stewart’s rant about the Obama-View backlash
Leave it to wise-man Stewart to put everything in perspective.

... The little senator that could
C-SPAN lets us see him opening a can on those punks!

... Flight of the Conchords' Kristen Schaal on Letterman
So funny! So charming!

... Tosh.0's Web Redemption for The Worst Stand Up Comedian
This show is getting better and better and is the funniest thing on Comedy Central since Chappelle's Show.

Web Redemption - Worst Comedian Ever
Tosh.0 VideosDaniel ToshWeb Redemption

... Girl-on-girl action on Pretty Little Liars
Way to go, ABC Family. Other channels won't even show same-sex kissing. You showed teen girl makeouts.


Say it about 50 times and you'll get a sense of how absurd this week's Top Chef was.

... Masterchef is nothing new and we're tired of Gordon Ramsay
Considering that and the boringness of Top Chef this season, where will we get our reality cooking show fix? Will The Next Food Network Star reign supreme?

... The weirdness of this week's Work of Art
Miles got all creepy when he basically coerced Jackie into taking photos of herself masturbating. And where's the justice? A female contestant with a nice body takes a nude portrait and is told by the male judges that she is brave and that the piece is striking. A male contestant who is overweight also takes a nude portrait and is sent home. They're slowly letting the pretentious jerks win, and it was enough to make host China Chow cry.

... Covert Affairs is a snooze
We already canceled the Season Pass.

... Where are all the boobs on True Blood?
They're the two main reasons we watch the damn show!

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