's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (June 24)

Here's what we thought was out of sight and just not right on television this week...


... Sunny with a 75 percent chance of Hanks
A-Lister Tom Hanks was promoting something on a Spanish-language news show, and things got muy caliente for the good sport.

... The Lisa Simpson Book Club Tumblr
This site nerds out over TV's biggest nerd's nerdiest of nerd activities.

... Jon Benjamin Has a Van has a kick-ass comedy guest list
We know we were dissing on it last week, but this week's episode of Comedy Central's bizarre new show featured tons of awesome guest stars: Tim & Eric, The Mighty Boosh's Rich Fulcher, SNL's Chris Parnell and Upright Citizens Brigade's Ian Roberts. Comedy nerd-VANA.

... The final scene of Game of Thrones' first season
The book geeks had lofty expectations for this last scene, and HBO met exceeded them. Absolutely stunning! (Spoilery picture right here.)

... Comedy Central cancels SportsDome
An excellent decision to off this hardly funny show about sports.


... Comedy Central cancels Sports Show with Norm MacDonald
A horrible decision to off this very funny show about sports!

... That weird Gatorade infomercial in the middle of Thursday's SYTYCD
Something tells us that a dancer in peak physical condition probably doesn't need to be ingesting multicolored sugar-garbage.

... Poor Photoshop skills on MasterChef
"I have seen a great number of poorly Photoshopped images in my time as a photographer and I can tell by the pixels that it is a fake."

... Completely forgettable new USA series Suits
Holy crap, what a bore.

... The finale of The Killing
Critics ripped it to shreds. Fans tweeted their discontent. And we still don't know who killed Rosie Larsen. Judging from the widespread backlash, Season 2 might be about who killed The Killing producer Veena Sud. There would be no shortage of suspects.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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