's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (March 18)

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Here's what was out of sight and just not right on TV this week.


... Before Fred Armisen was Fred Armisen...
He was goofing off at music festivals, interviewing other musicians (he played drums for Trenchmouth) in various characters. Various highly offensive characters. Hipster music blog Stereogum found this clip of him working the rooms at 1998's SXSW. We'll admit we laughed if you admit it. You first. Bonus points for talking to Bob Nastanovich from Pavement!

... Jimmy Kimmel's "The Littlest Bachelorette"
Kimmel is ruthless when it comes to his own network, and this clip trashes The Bachelor franchise. And yes, we would DEFINITELY watch the inevitable follow-up, The Littlest Bachelor Pad.

... Parks and Recreation gets Taiwanese-Newsed
Thursday's "Harvest Festival" episode was pretty great overall, but the spot-on reproduction of those ridiculous animated Taiwanese newscasts was the highlight.

... Zack Galifianakis's SNL monologue
Best Axe Body Spray joke ever?

... Matt Pinfield is going to host MTV's 120 Minutes again!
Does this mean MTV is showing music videos again? Oh, it's on MTV2. That makes more sense. We're looking forward to whatever "alternative" music videos the show pulls off music blogs.


... When all four NCAA broadcasts go to commercial at the same time!
And also when none of the commercials are the Napa Know How guy! Statistically, this is damn near impossible. Just like statistically, it's damn near impossible that our own Tim Surette's bracket is SO AWFUL!

... Big shows resorting to "IT WAS ALL A DREAM" sequences
The Event interrupted the president's snoozing with a plot device to make him angrier; V cut into Erica's slumber with a dream that misinterpreted our request to see Erica and Anna in bed together. Even (the otherwise very good!) Being Human got lazy this week, with Josh dreaming that he'd accidentally gone wolfy with his lady around.

... Wilmer Valderrama being cast in REM
One of the season's most promising pilots adds a name we'd like to forget. His That '70s Show days are long gone. Now he'll forever be that host of MTV's Yo Momma, the single worst program in television history.

... American Idol's mashup performance of "Born to be Wild" and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"
Are we sure this isn't Post-Buffet at the Indian Casino Idol?

... Susan Sarandon playing a sex offender on 30 Rock
We had high hopes for her appearance on the show, but her cameo as a teacher who once had an affair with an eighth-grade Frank was almost as flat as John Slattery's performance as congressional candidate Steve Austin.

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