's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (March 19)

Here's what we thought was out of sight and just not right on TV this week.


...Jon Stewart’s impression of Glenn Beck
We’re glad we tuned into today’s show, too, Glenn Jon. Now zoom that camera out so we can see your awesome white sneakers.

... March Madness!!!
This year’s NCAA Tournament is off to an upset-heavy start (Murray State! St. Mary’s! Old Dominion! Ohio!), which means that everyone’s bracket is royally screwed. But who cares? It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

... Anticipation over this Sunday's Life premiere
We've been watching this fly do crazy things with his eyeballs all week.

...Henry Rollins as a guest judge on Ru-Paul's Drag Race
It's like having Quentin Tarantino on Idol... but a million times better.

...The debut of Ugly Americans
Yet another cartoon with monsters, but the pilot was great. We're on board!

... The Office’s tribute to the flick Glenngarry Glen Ross Dwight, Jim, and Phyllis were as lead-hungry as Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, and Ed Harris were back in 1992.


...American Idol this week
Between the awful Rolling Stones renditions, Ke$ha’s unnecessary appearance, and Ryan Seacrest’s new aggro attitude, it was pretty easy to change the channel this week.

...The World War I Reenactment on The Amazing Race
Is it just us, or is it highly inappropriate and offensive to have reality show contestants “pretend to crawl across an exploding battlefield” when THERE IS A WAR GOING ON?

...Scrubs ending a year (or more) too late.
Depending on how you look at, this one might also be "swell," but last season’s finale should have been it. ‘Nuff said.

...Project Runway's Jonathan Peters
How can we take him seriously when he says things like "I want her to look like she's enveloped in laughter"?

...Flash Forward's self-proclaimed villain, Flosso
Number 1: His name is Flosso. Number 2: He actually uttered the line "Let the wild rumpus begin!"

What's on your list of loves and hates this week?

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