's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (March 4)

Here's what was out of sight and just not right on TV this week.


... Supernatural's Misha Collins
In last week's meta episode, Collins played a goofy version of himself, tweeted real tweets, got stabbed to death by an angelic hitman, and then reverted to playing Castiel just in time to chase off Archangel Raphael with an arsenal of heavenly weaponry.

... Battlestar Galactica and Lost reunions!
Well, sort of. BSG creator Ron Moore's 17th Precinct has signed Jamie Bamber, James Callis, and Tricia Helfer. And this week's episode of The Good Wife starred Ken Leung and Titus Welliver.

... Face Off's zombie dance was AMAZING
Great gore makeup plus great choreography? It was definitely a... wait for it... Thriller.

... Modern Family was funny AND made us cry
Yeah, we'll admit it. But we dare you not to get a little misty eyed from this scene:

... The Most Oblivious Man in the World
Who better than Arrested Development's Tony Hale to play this character in College Humor's parody of the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" ads?

... Anthony Bourdain is going to start writing for Treme
Um, yes! Bourdain will be responsible for the restaurant storylines; apparently he and series creator David Simon are mutual fans.


... The Jersey Shore toilet
Thank god Smell-o-Vision is just a sci-fi fantasy. The Jersey throne was clogged with someone's delicates and a lot of people's several-day-old and partly digested cannolis. We'll leave it to you to Google the rest of this gross tale.

... Pink sing-a-longs on Pretty Little Liars
Even the ensuing lesbian makeouts could not make up for that butchering of "So What."

... This Fancy Feast commercial
Are they selling marital bliss? Adorable fluffy white cats? Is this even for real?

... Bill Clinton reportedly turned down the opportunity to guest-star on 30 Rock
Apparently Clinton won't be embracing the chance to appear in the show's 100th episode, but maybe that disappointing news is all part of a publicity scheme and he'll make a surprise appearance!

... We've officially OD'd on Charlie Sheen
We can't deny that the guy is a goldmine for crazytown quotes and stuff to write about. But now we think we're ready for him go away. If Charlie is the drug he says he is, we're ready for a 12-step program.

What made your list of loves and hates this week?

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