's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (March 5)

The Ides of March are near, which means spring is just around the corner. Sure, half of the country is still under 20 feet of snow, but on the West Coast the sting in our eyes means that plants are blooming and warm weather will be here any day now. TV is in a transition period too, as networks thaw out new programs after the chilly Winter Olympics. Here's what we liked and didn't like about TV this week:


... Jason Segal as pimply Marshall
This week's episode of How I Met Your Mother cut to teenage Marshall talking to his teenage girlfriend. The kicker is that it was still Jason Segal playing the acne-ridden teen. The double kicker is that the girlfriend was played by a real teenager, making for extra awkward awkwardness.

... Jim Halpert becomes a dad
John Krasinski nailed the new dad thing, and we got to see the guy who once lived off looking goofily into the camera develop into a real actor.

... Abed rocking Annie's world via Mad Men
Meta worlds collided on Community as the lovely Allison Brie gave a wink and a nod to her Mad Men job.

...Game of Thrones is coming soon!
Epic story, epic cable network (HBO), epic cast. This should be good. Like realllllly good.

... Lost fight!
Dogen versus Sayid was epic. But I still believe Kate vs. Juliet vs. Handcuffs was the best scrap on the show.


... Scott Porter's next job
The man who played Jason Street on Friday Night Lights should be a star by now, but instead he's headed to The CW's hare-brained pilot about backpackers who work for the CIA. Whaaaa?

... Ellen Degeneres shying away on American Idol
She should be front and center, but instead she's slinking away into nothingness. Ellen, you are a funny person. Step it up!

... Molly Shannon winning a Mr. Skin award
The celebrity porn site awarded Shannon's upskirt shot in an episode of Kath and Kim. No... just... no. (Feel free to Google it yourself, but we warned you.)

... Still having to wait for some of our favorite shows to return
The Olympics are over, but some programs are still dragging their feet. Come on Castle, come on Supernatural, come on Fringe!

... The Marriage Ref
The premiere gave way to rampant sycophantic behavior as the celebs laughed a little too hard at one another's "jokes." If we're not laughing, they shouldn't either. We'll let the over-caffeinated guy below explain it.

What's on your list of loves and hates this week?

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