's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (May 28)

It was a big week for television, with American Idol wrapping up its season and saying goodbye to Simon, network schedules all mapped out, and the unofficial start of summer. But let's not kid ourselves: It was all about the series finale of Lost. So let's kick things off with a special Lost-themed review of the week before we get to the normal stuff.

Walking into the Light

... Watching our hero, Jack, finally let go.
We loved him, then hated him, then loved him. A fantastic end to a fantastic arc for a guy you just had to root for.

... The debate over what actually happened
It rages on. A good finale lets its viewers choose the ending that's right for them.

...The way Lost SHOULD have ended
This animated GIF would have been a much better ending than the real one.

Not Getting Into the Church

... The unanswered questions
By our estimation, we still have 60,624 questions about the show.

... Tying up loose ends for $59.99
But you can get some of them on the Season 6 DVD set bonus disc. That is NOT cool.

... Sayid's eternal love
Is Shannon? What's Nadia!? Chopped [insert Iraqi equivalent to liver]?

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...


... Teenage werewolves
Thank goodness for this hard-hitting news report. They're among us.

... The Soup's farewell to The Tyra Banks Show

... The outfits on the Gaga episode of Glee

... TV-related e-cards
Our faves are this one about the Lost finale and the cancellation of Law & Order.

... The 24 finale
A fitting ending for Jack Bauer, one of television's most patriotic psychopaths!


... The schlockiness of the American Idol finale
Especially this tribute to Simon.

... FlashForward's finale
Way to wrap things up with another flashforward that makes no sense at all. Thank God we don't care anymore.

... Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" on Glee
There's inappropriate, and then there's INAPPROPRIATE. Singing this song during a sensitive mother-daughter reunion qualifies as the latter.

... The men of The Bachelorette
This crew of douchenozzles, dweebs, and premature ejaculators actually makes us miss Jake. But it does make for great TV.

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