's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (November 12)

Holy crap, you guys! We made it! The week is over and maybe the world too, and we have so much stuff to talk about! So here's an extra long edition of all our weekly Swell vs. Hell roundup!


... We loved Glee
We know, you guys, but it was kind of a magical episode. The cutting between "A Boy Like That" (sung flawlessly by Santana and Rachel) and Sebastian trying to seduce Blaine was great. Like, maybe our favorite thing since back when we liked Glee on a regular basis.

... Top Model forced its contestants to pose in a GIANT BOWL OF GREEK SALAD
This is exactly the type of bonkers we hope to see when we tune in each week.

... Family Guy's "Stewie Goes for a Drive" was one of the show's best episodes in ages
After too much yelling and seriousness, it was nice to finally see an episode that focused on the characters getting along and just being funny. It had excellent cutaway scenes, too—like the end of a depressing '70s sci-fi movie, and Stewie being shipped to Siberia. Even Ryan Reynolds playing himself, striking up a goofy gay-ish friendship with Peter, was tongue-in-cheek stuff done well.

... This week's New Girl
Between Schmidt's parkour routine and list of what he likes about India (including "cobras in baskets and chut-n-ey), the Birdie Cat who lives in a nest on the roof, and the writers fleshing out Cece with her admission of loneliness to Schmidt in one of the most understated, touching moments on the series so far, this episode was pretty spectacular.

... It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's breaking and entering
Thursday's totally bizarre episode of Sunny was distilled to 190-proof nonsense as the gang broke into a house to steal a vase. Why? We think it had something to do with Indiana Jones, but who cares? Frank hiding amongst a little girl's stuffed animals with a whip was one of the highlights.

... A real-life hubby and wife on Fringe
It isn't often that guest stars jump into one of our favorite shows and immediately make us forget about the regular cast, but Stephen Root and Romy Rosemont were absolutely phenomenal in Friday's emotional episode. Their chemistry sold the wonderful story and left us wondering how far we'd go for our own loved ones. We really, really, really love Stephen Root around these parts.

... The Heart, She Holler
Equal parts comedy and nightmare, this Adult Swim miniseries was nothing if not memorable.

... Maggie on The Walking Dead
Lauren Cohan's done great work on previous genre favorites like Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, but she's currently bringing a much-needed dose of soulful pragmatism to her Maggie character, a great new addition to Season 2.

... 2 Broke Girls' romantic subplot
Color us impressed! Great development of Max's character, too.

... Community karaoke
This whole montage was pretty great, but suddenly we have a whole new appreciation of Seal's "Kiss from a Rose."


... Ringer is overestimating our interest in Malcolm and Juliet
As well as everything else. But mostly Malcolm and Juliet. Did we mention that we're over Malcolm and Juliet?

... No new Revenge
We GOTS to know what Lydia remembers!

... The school shooting on American Horror Story
Manipulative and not necessary to the plot. It was there for shock value, and it grossed us out way more than the eating brains scene.

... Dexter's mid-season wheel-spinning
It was bad enough that the show killed off its most promising new character, but now it's just straight-up dawdling before our hero's final showdown with the Doomsday Killer. Can Dexter only have six-episode seasons from now on?

... The tedious "final casting" episode of Top Chef
It's not so much that they're filming audition rounds and passing them off as episodes, it's that they're doing so while pretending the featured chefs aren't yet on the show. How does that work? They are engaging on competitive cooking on TV! That means they're competing on Top Chef, right?

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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