's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (October 1)

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Here's what was out of sight and just not right on the small screen this week.


... Sweet Dee dancing like a used-car-lot inflatable tube man on
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Sometimes video (below) is better than words.

... Viewer drop-offs for bad shows
Ratings drops of more than 20 percent drops for $#*! My Dad Says and Outsourced indicate that maybe we aren't doomed.

... One heck of a season premiere for The Good Wife
The talk of "TV's best drama" is well-deserved.

... Chloroform and Community
Annie can put us under anytime.

... The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret
The show was created by Arrested Development alum David Cross and makes its American debut tonight at 10:00 pm on IFC. Watch it! Because it's actually funny!


... Jacob Ben Israel on Glee
His orgasmic reaction to the club's performance of "Toxic" made us want to stuff him into a locker. Or a shallow grave.

... The death of news anchor Diane Simmons
Yes, from Family Guy. She and Tom Tucker were so good together!

... Jimmie Johnson will not survive
It was the coach's dream, and it all ended after just three weeks. Well, back to your million-dollar mansion, JJ.

... All the build-up for Cam and Mitchell's kiss on Modern Family
It shouldn't have been that big a deal in the first place, but kudos to the producers for handling the situation gracefully and not going overboard when it actually did happen.

... The news of a forthcoming Munsters remake
Bryan Fuller and all his originality is stooping to this?

What did you love and hate on TV this week?

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