's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (October 14)

We've done our duty and watched a ton of TV this week. So much to say! So here's us saying it!


... Parks and Rec's shout-out to Game of Thrones
Ben is right, you know!

... The Secret Circle's shakeup
[SPOILER ALERT!] The weakest member of the circle was killed off on Thursday as the show embraced a full-horror tone. For a newbie, The Secret Circle has proven it has what it takes to stand side-by-side with the thoroughly deranged Vampire Diaries for the rest of its full-season order.

... Community's time-spinning gem of an episode
Everything about "Remedial Choas Theory" was awesome. Everything.

... Breaking Bad's Season 4 finale
Everything about "Face Off" was awesome. Everything.

... The return of Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist
One of our favorite reality competitions, because the contestants are bound to be unbalanced. And Season 2 has already promised us a truly inspired collection of weirdos, hotties, and hottie-weirdos. Team Sucklord!

... The South Park: 6 Days to Air documentary
Because it was a Comedy Central production, it was kind of TREY AND MATT ARE GODZ! But it was still a very informative behind-the-scenes look at how they pack so much funny stuff into a single episode of South Park in just six days. They work hard, you guys. (However, was anybody else confused by the seemingly constant presence of a guffawing Bill Hader?)


... Terra Nova's failure to kill someone we know
So far no one with a name has been eaten by an Allosaurus, pecked to death by a flying rat, or murdered by someone afflicted with a memory-erasing virus. If this show wants to be taken seriously, it needs to raise the stakes. We suggest (and pray) that Josh get crushed by a Carno.

... The Michael Jackson-themed photo shoot on America's Next Top Model
Come on, ANTM, we're talking Michael Jackson here. This was a guy who had an amusement park in his backyard and partied with a monkey; your photo shoot was nowhere near as absurd as it should have been.

... Hulu's big-boy posturing
When the video site went up for sale, the people behind it puffed up their chests and bragged about how many potential buyers they had. In the end, no one bought the site, and now the owners are spinning the development as "we're not selling it because we're awesome and we're the future and we don't need your money anyway." They're also probably sitting in a corner with their blankets and sucking their thumbs.

... Fred Durst's proposed CBS sitcom
You know, the guy from Limp Bizkit. He's signed a talent deal with CBS to star in a comedy about an aging rock star who must balance his career and his family. The guy from Limp Bizkit. In a network sitcom. As the star. Exactly.

... Last Man Standing's homophobic jokes
Here's a zinger from the LMS pilot, spoken by Tim Allen's character to his daughter: "I just don’t think your kid should go to that hippie-hippie rainbow school. You know how that ends up: Boyd dancing on a float.” The show drew 13 million viewers.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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