's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (October 21)

So much swell and so much hell this week! Where to begin? How about right here?


... Sheila's missing dolls T-shirt on Suburgatory
When Tessa's kooky neighbor (Ana Gasteyer) had her freaky doll collection stolen, it set the table for a silly sight gag that worked well in Suburgatory's heightened reality. AND she made her daughter wear one of the shirts to school. Also laughable: Dahlia's sticky mascara blink. When did this show become the best new comedy on TV?

... This AWESOME Gus Fring pumpkin by a user
We received this incredible shot after posting Price's wicked awesome jack-o'-lantern stencils. This user beat us at our own game! (P.S. Dear M.A.O., if you send us your username/permission to post your real name we'll give credit where credit's due...)

... Exciting rumor: Pee-wee Herman on Dancing with the Stars next season?
Is there any way ABC can bring back Nancy Grace to play Large Marge?

... All seven timelines from last week's Community at the same time
Whoa dude, whoa.

... Juice getting his "Men of Mayhem" badge
In this week's Sons of Anarchy, Clay honored a teary-eyed Juice, whose mind was stuck on something much more grave. Brilliant performance by Theo Rossi. What? No, no, we're fine, we just have something in our eye.

... This photo of Andy and the gang from Parks and Rec's upcoming Halloween episode
We just love how terrible the costumes are. Any guesses as to what he is?

... Revenge is heating things up
The ABC soap celebrated its full-season pickup with a bona fide murder! And threw in some sex for good measure!


... DirecTV vs. Fox's cable networks
The satellite provider is threatening to yank FX, NatGeo, Fox Sports channels, local Fox affiliates, and more over carriage issues. Can't you two gigantic multi-billion corporations settle your multi-million dollar disputes in a way that doesn't affect those of us who make $11 an hour?

... The awful Top 17 X Factor contestants
Memo to Fox: No one cares.

... Beware of the nice chef with the candy
Top Chef: Just Desserts contestant Morgan Wilson was indicted for possession of child porn.

... The CNN circus that was the Republican Debate
Though we loved watching the tantrums, name-calling, and thumb-sucking, you guys (well, mostly Mitt Romney) are handling your camera time like a bunch of babies and idiots. Not that the Dems would do it any better. Ugh, we're screwed.

... Love in the Wild: Take 2
NBC has ordered a second season of its Bachelor-meets-Survivor-meets-zzzzzz reality show. Filming people getting tropical venereal diseases isn't going to turn the network around, NBC.

... No new Fringe this week
We often forget to praise Fringe's Swell-o-vision moments in this story because we put it together on Friday afternoons before the newest episode airs. But knowing there wasn't a new one coming this week definitely qualified as Hell-o-vision.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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