's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (October 7)

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Just as you have whittled down the commands you give your DVR (Suburgatory, New Girl in, Whitney, Terra Nova out) in the first few weeks of the fall season, so too have we whittled down what was good and bad this week on television. Take a look, won't you?


... Starting TONIGHT, TeenNick will air Hey Dude in its The '90s Are All That programming block
Plus, the nostalgia trip will begin at 10pm instead of midnight. Nickelodeon-weaned twenty-somethings, meet your new excuse not to go out on Friday nights!

... Andy Rooney's 60 Minutes sign-off
A very sweet farewell for the 92-year-old newscaster. "I believe if all the truths were known about everything in the world, it would be a better place to live." Thank you for saying the things we were thinking! We'll miss you, you ol' coot! Now go put some pants on!

... Project Runway's baffling one-liners
Nuclear drama queen Joshua McKinley will go down as one of the most classic characters to ever grace the PR halls, but Viktor has been killing us lately. "Fashion is my food." New campaign slogan for the Anorexic Models Union? Discuss.

... The return of FX's The League
The boys came back with a bang—both literally and figuratively, thanks to a storyline that involved filming porn in Andre's apartment and Ruxin's new spin on the Super Bowl shuffle.

... Making Monsters on Travel Channel
Who knew a reality show about the making of animatronic haunted house attractions could be so riveting? Anyone? Why isn't this a ratings juggernaut??

... The Secret Circle went full-horror this week
In the first supernatural crossover of the fledgling CW show, dark magic and DEMONS made an appearance alongside witchcraft. Good start! Is it already time to start the werewolf/vampire appearance countdown?


... That insane woman on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
No, not that one. Or that one. Nope. Next. Yep, THERE she is! That one! The one with the $25,000 sunglasses who keeps cackling for no good reason, and who claims her infant son speaks Thai and can do complex math equations.

... The X Factor's Stacy Francis
Yes, L.A. Reid. That's definitely "real pain." Unfortunately, it's occurring in my head, after hearing this woman sing. Nothing encapsulates the sham that X Factor really is better than this unworthy contestant.

... The teenagers of American Horror Story
Never thought we'd actually APPRECIATE the teenagers of Glee so much. Send 'em to the basement, Adelaide!

... Dexter's phoned-in Season 6 premiere
At this point, Michael C. Hall's voiceover work in those car commercials is more captivating than Dexter. Have a cup of coffee or something, Mike!

... The post-Breaking Bad emptiness on the horizon
No matter how hard we try, we can't stop thinking about how television is about to get worse after AMC's incredible series signs off for the season on Sunday. However, once we get used to it being gone, the rest of television will start to look a lot better.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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