's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (September 10)

Here's what we thought was out of sight and just not right on TV this week.


...Terriers Michael Raymon-James
We last saw Raymond-James as a bad, bad guy in True Blood, but now he's a lovable P.I. on a show we really dig. And his head is still on his shoulders!

...The Amazing Race's shameless promo
We already have a frontrunner for TV-related video of the year, and it's at the expense of someone else's misery. Just the way we like it. Sure you get a concussion, but think of that delicious 15 minutes of fame! So! Worth! It!

...Ashley Tisdale on Hellcats
We never thought we’d say that, but she’s just so damn cute! And she’s spicing it up by playing the nice head cheerleader!

...Mad Men gives us its best
Just when you think this fantastic program can't give you anymore, along comes an episode that may just be its best ever. Absolutely riveting.

...Nina Dobrev playing double duty on The Vampire Diaries
We love Nina sweet (Elena) and we love Nina mean (Katherine), but mostly we just love the up-and-coming Nina.

...Animal Planet's Cat Ladies
These ladies with Feline Fever are purrfectly crazy. And we finally have a crazy cat lady who is hot.

...The last five minutes of Sons of Anarchy.
The show's season premieres knocked us on our asses again. Just when we thought all was calm, they give us that!?


...Shane West on Nikita
He could not BE a more attractive piece of stiff cardboard. BORING.

...Bachelor Pad's cool kids vs. outsiders charade
What did we even watch the first few episode for? The outsiders never stood a chance against the coupled-up frat and sorority siblings.

...Meghan McCain on The Daily Show
What the what? Ugh. Is it already time to bring out the giggling blond daughter to win votes?

...Plain Jane is over!
What are we supposed to do without Louise Roe and her cute little outfits?

...American Idol existing even though the original judges are gone.
You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. Who knew we would be clamoring for Simon so much!?

What did you like and dislike in TV this week?

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