's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (September 24)

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Premieres sure kept us busy, but hey—television is finally back is session! Here's what we dug and didn't dig on the small screen this week.


... Top Chef Season 8 will be Top Chef: All Stars
Fabio, Carla, Jamie Lauren, *and* Jennifer C. will be back!

... Bob Allen's suitcase on Lone Star.
A beautiful metaphor and an even more beautiful bag. Where can I get one of those?!?!? (P.S. There are spoilers in the video below.)

... The new Walking Dead poster
Looks like one hell of a getaway-weekend traffic jam for Atlanta.

... The opening to Community's season premiere
That pan of all the characters' bedrooms is awesome.

... Joaquin Phoenix's first return to the Late Show since last year's stunt
And Mr. Letterman asking for cool million in exchange for his appearance in Joaquin's film.

... Glee's new voices
Chord Overstreet and Charice have some PIPES.


... The pilot comparison problem
Let's break it down: The Event will never be Lost, and Running Wilde isn't as good as Arrested Development.

... Rough first-week ratings for some of our favorites
Fringe, Lone Star, and others got wrecked. Why aren't you people watching!?

... DVR overload
This week was brutal on our personal video recording boxes. Will someone please invent a 5-terabyte hard drive DVR that can record 10 things at once?

... Ms. Blankenship's death on Mad Men
Poor Ida, gone too soon. R.I.P.

... Jeff Zucker is out at NBC
Don't get us wrong, this is swell—but it's hell that it took this long!

What did you love and hate on TV this week?

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