's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (September 30)

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Is it just us, or was this week of television pretty darned awesome? Of course it isn't just us. Bookended by fantastic summer shows winding down and new shows giving us hope that not every freshman series is horrible, September 24-30 was practically the best week of television ever, and we'll fondly remember it... until next week. In the meantime, here's a super-sized edition of our week in review, because there was too much good stuff on to whittle it down.


... Burt's sausage log cabin with a waffle roof on Raising Hope
This scene was both poignant and a reminder that "breakfast for dinner" is never a bad idea.

... Breaking Bad leaves Walt laughing
The final moments of "Crawl Space" were beyond words. Emmy awards for everyone. And we mean EVERYONE.

... The SUV mom singing along to gangster rap in the Suburgatory pilot
If for no other reason than our own Lily Sparks doesn't feel quite as bad about screeching along to Lil' Wayne in her Tracker now.

... Christina Applegate dressing like Kelly Bundy in an Up All Night flashback
It's kind of amazing to realize that this modern-day comedic actress was KELLY BUNDY for twelve years.

... Dr. Rosen getting sh*t done in Congress on Alphas
The show may not be Breaking Bad, but Rosen's speech in the season finale was poetic, just, and eloquent. And it set up Season 2 quite nicely. The incredibly magnetic David Strathairn has no business being on Syfy, the home of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson made-for-TV horror flicks, but we're glad he's kicking ass in the role anyway.

... The best drama on TV? Baseball!
Sometimes sports write better scripts than the best TV dramas, and we were treated to a season finale for the ages during Wednesday night's triple-helping of upsets, twists, and last-minute heroics. It was reaffirmation that baseball can provide the best tension in all of sports. And television. For extra innings, ESPN's Catching Hell, about ostracized Cubs fan Steve Bartman, offered a fantastic look at the intersection of sports and fandom.

... Mad mixes memes and ThunderCats
It's like 4Chan and Reddit exploded on your television screen! If you don't understand the jokes, congratulations, you have a social life.


... Up All Night forcing Ava on us
We thought this was a show about a couple with a new baby—why does it seem like Will Arnett is being relegated to a supporting role? There's more to a successful comedy than Maya Rudolph.

... Watching Taylor crumble on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
She's clearly suffering, and it's made worse now that we know she was being abused, and that her ex would go on to kill himself.

... The "falling in horse crap" scene on 2 Broke Girls
Come on, show. You are better than this.

... H8R
H8R We're just going to dust off a permanent space on this list until this show goes away.

... Ashton Kutcher promoting his web sites on Two and a Half Men
Stickers featuring the logos of sites Kutcher has invested in were plastered all over his character's laptop for some free advertising. Thankfully, CBS got pissed. What's wrong, Ashton, $700,000 per episode isn't enough?

... Nancy Grace's alleged "nip slip" on Dancing with the Stars
Whether it happened or not, this whole conversation is the stuff of nightmares.

... Charlie's Angels, so bad it's really bad
It took all of two episodes for the Angels to go undercover as runway models. And how about Rachael Taylor's acting?

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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