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Olmos: "It's the final season [of Battlestar Galactica]"

Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica may have been a big winner at the 33rd Saturn Awards last night, but it wasn't all good news for fans. Speaking with the press, Battlestar actor Edward James Olmos said that the fourth season of the show would be its last.

Olmos told movie site "[Season four] will probably be the most extraordinary season of Battlestar; it's the final season so it's definitely going to be the most vicious."

IESB later asked costar Katee Sackhoff about the final season, to which she replied, "Yeah, this may be our last year. If Eddie is saying it, I guess I can repeat it."

Season four of Battlestar Galactica is due to begin airing in 2008.

Aquafresh insures Ugly Betty smile for $10M

Ugly Betty's grill has always been full of metal, but now it's got some serious bling behind it. Toothpaste-maker Aquafresh has insured the smile of America Ferrera, the actress who plays Betty Suarez in Ugly Betty, for $10 million dollars through Lloyd's of London.

The move was part of a charity event for Smiles for Success, an initiative that aims to provide dental care for women who can't afford it. The company is also donating $1 for every box of its Aquafresh White Trays sold between now and the end of August.

Several celebrities have body parts insured, including Jamie Lee Curtis (legs), rocker Keith Richards (hands), and even old-timers like Betty Grable.

Scotty's remains go to space, get lost

Attention Star Trek memorabilia collectors: Get your pale butts out to the deserts of New Mexico. It appears that the remains of James Doohan, the actor who played Scotty on Star Trek, may be lost some where in the Southwest.

Doohan's ashes were shot into space in late April by Space Services Inc. along with the remains of other departed, including astronaut Gordon Cooper. The rocket carrying the ashes was supposed to orbit the Earth then return. However, the spacecraft has gone missing and is somewhere in the rugged terrain of New Mexico.

"They know the general location, and we have the utmost confidence that they will recover it," a Space Services rep told Reuters.

Tracy Morgan has happy hands, cops on his tail

30 Rock star and SNL alum is currently being sought by the police, reports the Associated Press. The actor allegedly got too friendly with Miami radio DJ Yuleika DeCastro, who goes by the name Sandy Domingo.

DeCastro claims that Morgan "illegally touched her" in the studio this morning. Morgan reportedly reeked of alcohol, kissed the back of her head, and made inappropriate comments...all this at 8:00 in the morning.

Police are currently searching for Morgan for questioning.

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