's The Gab: Heroes, Studio 60, Sopranos

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Heroes fly home this summer?

Though season one of superhero show Heroes still has a few episodes left, fans can't wait to get their hands on the upcoming DVD set. The problem is, they don't know when it will be released.

Those looking to buy it will have to wait until late summer, says The site says that "Universal has pegged the release for the last Tuesday of August," making it the 28th of the month.

But don't mark your calendars just yet. As quick as the site was to say August 28, it also said nothing is official and offered up no sourcing. Take this information with a grain of salt for the time being.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip stripped

This is the ugly time of year where many shows find out they won't be returning. Yesterday the axe fell on cult fave Gilmore Girls, and many think the next to get canned may be Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. NBC had high hopes for the drama, which stars Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, and Amanda Peet, but viewers didn't bite.

While the public may be kept in the dark, the question of whether it will return has already been answered, says Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. According to Owen, the show's sets are already being dismantled. "Shows don't come back from that," he says.

HBO pulls tablecloth from Sopranos dinner

Patrons at a bar in the nation's capitol got a kick out of watching HBO's Sopranos together at the watering hole, so the owner decided to make a night out of it. Each Sunday, Nathan's in Georgetown hosted an Italian-themed night featuring fresh pasta and dinner specials, while the mafia hit played on the establishment's TVs.

The neighborhood night caught the eye of a Washington Post journalist, who wrote up an article about the event in the paper. While that would generally be a boon for the business, it ultimately became its bust.

In light of the night getting more press, the bar was forced to shut down the weekly dinner after Comcast stopped providing the eatery with an HBO feed, says the Post. The night, which brought in an extra 30 customers each Sunday, was in violation of HBO's policy of showing its content to the public. "As a paid television network, HBO can't be shown in a public forum," HBO rep Jeff Cusson told the Post.

"What's the harm in letting this little place show the few remaining episodes?" said bar owner Carol Joynt. "It's not like we were pulling in the entire metro area. It was this innocent, customer-driven fan event."

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