's Top 100 Everything of 2009: 100-91

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Here at, we take our year-end list-making very seriously. So as another year comes to a close, we present to you our second annual Top 100, the massive 10-part list of the year's most awesome TV happenings. As always, there were huge, mind-blowing events and tiny, heart-wrenching moments. Phenomenal send-offs and welcome hellos. Incredibly well-written plots and some really great, totally-not-annoying characters. After 365 days of watching TV, here's what we loved the most.

We're posting 10 items each weekday through January 1, so check back often to see what made the cut!

100. Vincent Chase's return to fame on Entourage

Vincent Chase was once a big-shot movie star—until he ended up on the bottom of the Hollywood totem pole. But this season, with the help of his Agent Ari and Lloyd, Vinny and the boys are back on top.

99. The ridiculously good-looking cast and historical accuracy of The Tudors

Where was this show when we were dying in high school history?

98. Craig Ferguson's 1,000th show

Complete with puppets and musical numbers!

97. The way everything always works out on CSI

It's reassuring when we're feeling anxious.

96. Archie Punjabi on The Good Wife

So competent. So deliciously cynical.

95. Tina Fey's hair on 30 Rock

It's so... normal. Does she do her hair and makeup herself?

94. Ronnie getting evicted on Big Brother

Booyakasha! The square root of all evil totally deserved it.

93. Walter Bishop's smoothie obsession on Fringe

It's a cute quirk, don't you think?

92. The campy "men" chorus that accompanies every scene change on Two and a Half Men

It's not new, but it still cracks us up every time.

91. NBC risking its hide with the under-appreciated Kings

Sure the results weren't what we hoped they would be (time slot switches galore, no love from the public, an unceremonious cancellation), but we loved NBC's willingness to take a chance on this very different and engaging series. Too bad the network must have lost millions and won't be doing it again.

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