's Top 100 Everything of 2009: 40-31

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Here at, we take our year-end list-making very seriously. So as another year comes to a close, we present to you our second annual Top 100, the massive 10-part list of the year's most awesome TV happenings. As always, there were huge, mind-blowing events and tiny, heart-wrenching moments. Phenomenal send-offs and welcome hellos. Incredibly well-written plots and some really great, totally-not-annoying characters. After 365 days of watching TV, here's what we loved the most.

We're posting 10 items each weekday through January 1, so check back often to see what made the cut!

40. 10 Things I Hate About You

Mostly because it didn't ruin the movie. The show's characters are the same on paper, but the storylines were altered to avoid simply copying the teen flick. And Lindsey Shaw was magnificent.

39. Tom DeLay on Dancing With The Stars

(Srsly?!) It was carnivalesque, particularly when he wore gaudy circus-inspired outfits.

38. Kristen Wiig

She's one of the only parts of Saturday Night Live that's still worth watching.

37. The Firefly reference on Castle

For Halloween, Castle dressed up as Nathan Fillion's Firefly character (Malcolm) and called himself a "space cowboy."

36. Oscar's dance moves during Jim and Pam's wedding on The Office

His combination of the robot and semaphore flag-waving gave Elaine Benes a run for her money.

35. Russell on Survivor: Samoa

Russell playing the second immunity idol was one of the best Survivor moments ever.

34. Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Emmys

He was the best part of a show about the best parts of TV.

33. Enver Gjokaj

Whether he's playing a gay serial killer, a suave businessman, an Italian art dealer, or tech-geek Topher, Enver always left the rest of Dollhouse's cast in the dust. This guy has a future.

32. The "That's racist!" bit on Community

The single funniest exchange from any comedy this season.

31. Curb Your Enthusiasm's Seinfeld reunion

It gave us the Seinfeld finale we always wanted.

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