's Top 100 Everything of 2009: 80-71

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Here at, we take our year-end list-making very seriously. So as another year comes to a close, we present to you our second annual Top 100, the massive 10-part list of the year's most awesome TV happenings. As always, there were huge, mind-blowing events and tiny, heart-wrenching moments. Phenomenal send-offs and welcome hellos. Incredibly well-written plots and some really great, totally-not-annoying characters. After 365 days of watching TV, here's what we loved the most.

We're posting 10 items each weekday through January 1, so check back often to see what made the cut!

80. Dennis and Mac's break-up
on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It's so hard to say goodbye, and yet so funny—at least when they did it.

79. Jeff and his unique vocabulary on Big Brother

"Technotronics" was particularly great.

78. Conan O'Brien

His self-deprecating humor, his awkward timing, his everything. Oh, and this Comcastic video.

77. Drugs! Drugs! Drugs!

Litanies of side effects on drug commercials. We collect them on DVR (kidding!). Look at this one. Want new
eye lashes? All it's gonna cost you is
your eye color!

76. Nip/Tuck's Season 6 Promo

Sexy. Scary. Awesome.

75. True Blood's Fellowship of the Sun

A terrifyingly accurate depiction of religious crazies.

74. Grey’s Anatomy's “Give Peace a Chance” episode

When Derek attempted a difficult surgery, it captured everything that's great about the show.

73. TNT saving Southland

If only the cable nets had also saved Pushing Daisies, Kings, and The Unusuals.

72. The Daily Show wins, again

Stewart and the gang picked up the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Program, offering hope for thinking persons everywhere.

71. Chris Noth's return to TV

We just love him on The Good Wife. He's so damn good. And beautiful. And the role of the slutty politician really suits him.

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