's Top 100 Everything of 2009: 90-81

Here at, we take our year-end list-making very seriously. So as another year comes to a close, we present to you our second annual Top 100, the massive 10-part list of the year's most awesome TV happenings. As always, there were huge, mind-blowing events and tiny, heart-wrenching moments. Phenomenal send-offs and welcome hellos. Incredibly well-written plots and some really great, totally-not-annoying characters. After 365 days of watching TV, here's what we loved the most.

We're posting 10 items each weekday through January 1, so check back often to see what made the cut!


90. The New Adventures of Old Christine's grade-A guest stars

Including Eric McCormack, Dave Foley, and Molly Shannon.

89. Everything Brian Van Holt says on Cougar Town

Van Holt's character, Bobby Cobb, is a most hilarious "duuuude." We especially love that acronyms like GAC (guilty as charged) are built into his vocabulary.

88. Cats 101 on Animal Planet

Seeing felines on the tube during primetime satisfies our inner crazy cat lady.

87. Jon Hamm on 30 Rock

Watching Liz Lemon date the approachable yet devastatingly handsome Drew Baird (Mad Men's Jon Hamm, minus the slicked-back hair and the uber stoicism) was a vicarious thrill.

86. How I Met Your Mother's "Hell No" Harmony

In "The Playbook," the gang improvised a little barbershop quartet.

85. Brick whispering to himself on The Middle

Reminds us of Austin Powers, in a good way.

84. South Park's “Butters’ Bottom Bitch” episode

South Park is still hilarious and brilliant when it wants to be.

83. Ron Swanson's mustache on Parks and Recreation

It's real, and it's spectacular. (But seriously, even without the sweet 'stache, Swanson is all-around awesome.)

82. Gibbs's terrorist-killing
snipe in the Season 7 premiere

Two words: Bad. Ass.

81.Damages casts two of our favorite actors from The Wire

The Wire actors Clarke Peters (Detective Lester Freeman) and John Doman (Commissioner William Rawls) shared the screen again, this time as partners Dave Pell and Walter Kendrick on FX's outstanding Damages. When's Omar comin'?

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