's Top 100 Everything of 2011, Vol. 4: Items 70-61

The first 30 items our Top 100 Everything of 2011 list? They were okay. But compared to THESE ones, we almost feel sorry for them. We can't even imagine any items being better than these. Though, well, tomorrow's batch is a little better, now that we think about it. And Monday's? They're slightly better than tomorrow's. And the ones after that? Forget it! The best! Actually... even the ones after tha--

We'll be posting 10 items each weekday through December 30, so check back often to see what made the cut!

70. Psych's "Last Night Gus"

One of the best episodes of the year, "Last Night Gus" started off with Shawn, Gus, Woody, and Lassiter waking up in the office with no memory of what happened the night before. Upon being accused of taking part in a murder, they set out to make sense of Shawn's blurry flashbacks and discover what really happened. It was like The Hangover, but better.

69. Grimm's Eddie Monroe

One of the best new characters on TV this fall, Eddie the Blutbad (also known as a "Big Bad Wolf") reluctantly became Nick's fairytale consultant after Nick wrongly accused him of kidnapping a little girl in the series pilot. The reformed bad guy's routine non-enthusiasm for helping Nick restore balance between myths and mankind is one of the best parts of the show.

68. The Secret Circle's bad-boy upgrade

As The Vampire Diaries' don't-call-it-a-spin-off little sister show, The Secret Circle has faced the daunting task of both setting itself apart from TVD while also adhering pretty closely to the tone and quality that's made its lead-in The CW's #1 show. So when Nick, a seemingly essential main character, was suddenly killed off and replaced with his much-better-in-every-sense brother Jake (Chris Zylka), it sent a strong signal that The Secret Circle isn't afraid to evolve right before our eyes, even if it means shaking up the show's core premise. It also marked the first time in history anybody has ever looked good in a deep-V.

67. That night of baseball

Major League Baseball's regular season lasts 162 games. But you only needed to see one to take in a season's worth of entertainment. Spectacular, nearly simultaneous collapses by the Boston Red Sox (ha ha!) and the Atlanta Braves opened the doors for amazing triumphs by the Tampa Bay Rays and St. Louis Cardinals, resulting in underdogs pushing their way into the playoffs thanks to blown saves, two-out ninth-inning home runs, and extra-inning fireworks. And it all happened within minutes. Best night of baseball ever.

66. Michael Bolton the cinephile

The Lonely Island returned to SNL this past spring with a special guest, one with a very special affinity for a very special pirate. Also, how much makeup does Michael Bolton wear on a daily basis, do you think?

65. The Life and Times of Tim throws pee

The animated HBO series returned just in time to make this list, and it came back in a big way. The Season 3 premiere saw Tim seeking clean urine for the professional women's basketball player with a coke habit he was working for, and ended with a vial of 'roided pee in Amy's face. We laughed, and laughed hard.

64. An unexpected bang on The Big Bang Theory

This was the hookup that we didn't see coming. Partly because Raj can't talk to a woman, let alone stick anything inside one. Partly because Raj and Penny's ex, Leonard, are good friends. But mostly because Penny is WAY too hot for anyone on this show, yet the writers manage to pull off near-convincing ways to give her geek love.

63. Watson 5K00L2 humans on Jeopardy!

He's a cold-hearted machine with no regard for human life and a processor that can retrieve mundane trivia factoids at blazing speeds. But Ken Jennings still lost when he went up against America's lovable robot Watson, who dusted a few so-called brainiacs in one of the coolest experiments in artificial intelligence ever. Yes, Watson still has some work to do, as seen in this clip. But he'd still probably win the Republican nomination. Is it too late to start a campaign?

62. Workaholics tries sobriety

This lewd and rude show about dudes with 'tudes has always been in a crude mood, but dude! The Comedy Central series really improved in Season 2, and the best ep so far saw the trio of pot-smoking beer-pongers try to go dry. Our favorite moment featured a drop-by by Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of Arrested Development, as an HR guy who would fit in perfectly with the Bluths.

61. Someone finally gives it to Josh on Terra Nova:

In the season finale, Lucas Taylor briefly became the world's favorite television character when he punched Josh Shannon, the world's least favorite television character, in the face. It capped an infamous season for the year's most disappointing show. Runner-up moment: Jim outrunning a dinosaur AND an explosion!

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