's Weekly Podcast: Totally Tubular! Episode 002 (AUDIO)

Another week, another basket full of TV-related topics! In this week's (now-downloadable!) episode of Totally Tubular!, Price and Tim discuss the following hot items:

... commenter shout-outs! (01:55)

... Price is still watching Supernatural! (02:47 and then again somewhere around 22:00)

... Revolution being one of the season's first full-season pickups (05:07)

... Which shows might get canceled! (09:00)

... Homeland's Season 2 premiere! (12:15)

... Fringe's Season 5 premiere! (13:55)

... The benefits of a Revenge marathon! (16:00)

... Person of Interest! (18:55)

... What even IS baseball? (25:30)

... Second episodes! What we liked, what we didn't. (26:00)

... Plus more! [SPOILERS ABOUND]

Hey! Anything YOU want us to chat about next week? Please leave any topics or suggestions in the comments below!

P.S. Also just so you know FYI as we mentioned in this week's episode, we are working on making this thing available on iTunes. Stay tuned!

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