's Weekly Podcast: Totally Tubular! Episode 004 (AUDIO)

Now that it's nearly Halloween, our TV schedules have started to get downright spooky! In this week's episode of Totally Tubular!, Price and Tim (and editor Jen Trolio) discuss the following hot, hot things:

... commenter shout-outs! (01:24)

... Y'all torrenting?! (3:46)

... Negative coverage! (05:27)

... The premiere of American Horror Story: Asylum! [SPOILERS] (12:43)

... The Walking Dead's Season 3 premiere! (20:52)

... The Vampire Diaries' Season 4 premiere! (23:57)

... Tim still loves Go On! (26:15)

... The gang remembers Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark?! (29:30)

... Plus more! [SPOILERS ABOUND]

Hey! Is there anything YOU want us to chat about next week? Please leave any topics or suggestions in the comments below!


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