TV's Greatest Living Newscaster to Stop Doing the News

...Remember that cute little indie Sunshine Cleaning? Yeah, just barely, right? Well, Showtime was totally into it and has asked the film's screenwriter to please develop it into a cute little series for them. Since it's about a cute little woman who gets into the business of cleaning up gruesome little crime scenes, I'd imagine the series will sort of be a body-of-the-week type deal, in the vein of Six Feet Under or the nightly news. Chances are that Amy Adams will not be involved. [Variety]

...Everyone's favorite chipper celebrity news disher Nancy O'Dell has announced that she will be leaving Access Hollywood to pursue another unnamed opportunity. She's leaving the entertainment news program heavily laden with several Pulitzer prizes for journalism, a whole raft of Peabodys, and a MacArthur Genius Grant for her seminal paper, "Did Angelina and Brad Eat Tacos For Dinner Last Night? A Source Tells Us Exclusively 'No." We're assuming this new opportunity has something to do with Frontline. [THR]

...An actor named Boris Kodjoe has been cast as the lead on that new J.J. Abrams series Undercovers. He's one half of a married spy duo. Kodjoe previously appeared on the series Soul Food, and hasn't really done much else. The all-important other half of the marriage has not yet been cast, though we're keeping our fingers crossed that it's Nancy O'Dell. [THR]

...Oooh! Oooh! Mad Men stuff! Mad Men stuuffffff! [E!]

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