TV's Top 15 Administrative Professionals

In honor of Administrative Professional's Day, we've rounded up TV's top secretaries, receptionists, and personal assistants. Here are our 15 filing, faxing, and phone-answering favorites:

15. LLoyd (Rex Lee) on Entourage

Aww, bless Lloyd's perpetually upbeat heart for putting up with Ari's psychotic behavior.

14. Kitty (Judy Greer) on Arrested Development

George Bluth's "assistant" had a hard time keeping some things straight (not to mention covered up)—but whether she was competent or not, she was impossible to fire.

13. Cheryl/Carol/Cristal/Carina (Judy Greer) on Archer

ISIS's kinkiest office assistant is a woman of many names and, er, talents. (P.S. What's up with Judy Greer's proclivity for playing hilarious nympho assistants?)

12. Bubble (Jane Horrocks) on Absolutely Fabulous

Bubble was so eccentric that she made even her self-absorbed employer Eddy seem normal. The perky space cadet was simultaneously the most enlightened and most idiotic character on the show.

11. Laura (Laura Silverman), Dr. Katz

The dismissive and grumpy receptionist at Dr. Katz' office was totally crush-worthy, even in Squigglevision. Plus, she had enough moxie to let David Duchovny hang out in the office broom closet.

10. Dawn Tinsley on The (British) Office

Dawn, the quiet and very lovely receptionist at the Wernham Hogg Slough office, was always able to appease the boss while ignoring his painfully awkward kerfuffles

9. Carol Kester (Marcia Wallace) on The Bob Newhart Show

Those outfits! That curly red hair! Those practical jokes! Let's face it, Carol was kind of the ultimate receptionist for a psychologist's office. Fun fact: The relationship between Carol and Bob was revived on Murphy Brown, when Carol became one of Murphy's assistants and Bob tried to win her back to work for him again.

8. Mrs. Wiggins, (Carol Burnett) on The Carol Burnett Show

Between Mr. Tudbull's messed up 'do and funny talk and her teased hair, gum-chewing, waddling, and general dimwitted-ness, Mr. Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins (pronounced Missez Huwigginz) were meant for each other.

7. Jennifer Marlowe (Loni Anderson) on WKRP in Cincinnati

Ms. Marlowe, the doe-eyed, bombshell receptionist at WKRP headquarters, directed calls, deflected oglers, and managed to charm even the grumpiest of head honchos with assured grace. Plus, she was one of the few ladies who could actually get away with wearing a sweater dress.

6. Waylon Smithers, Jr. on The Simpsons

Despite his father's dying of radiation poisoning while working for Mr. Burns at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Smithers became a hopelessly devoted assistant to the most powerful man in all of Springfield.

5. Jonathan (Maulik Pancholy), 30 Rock

Few assistants are more loyal to (or in love with) their bosses than Jonathan, who would likely jump at the chance to sacrifice himself (or at the very least, his virginity) for Jack Donaghy.

4. Marc St. James (Michael Urie) and Amanda Sommers (Becki Newton) on Ugly Betty

It's hard to say which one of these officemates is more memorable, so fourth place goes to the fantastic assistant/receptionist duo that is Marc and Amanda. They're so endearingly catty!

3. Beth (Vicki Lewis) on Newsradio

An invaluable addition to the WNYX team, Beth managed to get away with wearing bare-midriff tops and convincing her colleagues that Donald's hat from Fat Albert could be stylish again. Fun facts: Vicki Lewis also played assistant No. 69 on Murphy Brown and appeared as a secretary to George on Seinfeld.

2. The Rotating Cast of Assistants on Murphy Brown

Murphy's revolving-door roster of incompetent assistants was pretty epic; Paul Reubens, Bette Midler, J.F.K., Jr., Rosie O'Donnell, and even Don Rickles all served stints in her office. (Eventually, Murphy's former secretaries formed a support group to help them cope with the trauma of working for such a hard-ass.) The running gag even pervaded other TV shows—like when Seinfeld's Kramer got a job as one of her assistants.

1. Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) on Mad Men

Joan really doesn't need any introduction; she is stunning, feisty, subtle, smart, capable, and knows exactly what to do when a man's foot is run over by a lawnmower.

Honorable Mentions:

... Lucy Moran (Kimmy Robertson) on Twin Peaks
A dispatcher is a sort of a receptionist, so we can't not give the squeaky-voiced, donut-supplying Lucy mad props.

... Agnes Dipesto (Allyce Beasley) on Moonlighting
Another mousy receptionist whose naivete and good heart tempered her oft-annoying flakiness.

... Pam Beesly, now Pam Halpert (Jenna Fischer) on The Office
Remember the days before Erin took over the reception desk? It's difficult to say who's better at dealing with Michael's inanities.

... Susie MacNamara, (Ann Sothern) on Private Secretary
The classic, up-in-everybody's-business Susie was the ideal right-hand gal for Mr. Sands. Plus, she wore some really fabulous hats.

Which TV admin do you wish worked in your office?

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