TV's Top 5 "Summer Vacation" Episodes

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Though summer doesn't officially start until Monday, the season is undoubtedly here—and most of our favorite sitcoms are on hiatus until fall. But just because these shows go off the air for their summer vacations doesn't mean they don't cover the topic (though isn't it weird how they only seem to travel to Disney World and Hawaii?). Here are my top five "summer vacation" episodes, in all their coconut-oil scented glory. (Did I miss any that you love? Add 'em in the comments!)

5. The Golden Girls: “Two Rode Together

Remember this one? Dorothy decides she and Sophia need quality time, so Sophia suggests they go to Disney World. Dorothy just wants to reminisce, but Sophia wants to ride Space Mountain, and after a heart-to-heart, they get on the rides.

4. Full House: “The House Meets the Mouse

In this two-parter, Jesse and the Rippers land a gig at Disney World—so everyone comes along! Michelle is crowned princess of the day and immediately wanders away, drunk with power. DJ hallucinates and starts seeing her boyfriend everywhere. And Danny proposes to his girlfriend!

3. Modern Family: “Hawaii

A newcomer, but already a classic: The lack of haunted tiki gods notwithstanding, Jay wears himself out while running from death, Manny and Luke fight like an old couple, and Haley gets drunk for the first time. You know, just like an actual family vacation.

2. Saved By the Bell: “Best Summer of My Life

The kids recall the summer they spent working at the Malibu Sands beach club, wearing those green-striped uniforms and solving party problems. (Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style is automatically disqualified due to its lack of Leah Remini). [Ed. note: We couldn't find a clip for this particular episode, but here's a different video from the the Malibu Sands arc.]

1. The Brady Bunch: “Hawaii-Bound,” “Pass the Tabu,” and “Tiki Caves

The original and still the best! Instead of going for beach bunny fun, the gang gives us plenty of thrills, spills, spiders, and even a kidnapping! Thank goodness Mr. Brady is always there to save the day!

And the honorable mention goes to...
Sanford and Son’s three-parter “The Hawaiian Connection,” in which Fred and Lamont go to a Junkmen of America conference in Hawaii and are targeted by jewel thieves who want them to transport stolen diamonds to California. Luckily, they manage to see a ton of Hawaiian tourist attractions while running from the jewel thieves, and in the end, the cops get the right guys.

What's your favorite "summer vacation" episode?

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