Two Aussies and Christian The Lion

It's a journey that defies imagination.

When two Aussie ex-pats, John Rendall and Ace Bourke, found a lion cub for sale in a London department store they bought it.

The young lion, which they named Christian, lived in the basement of the shop where they worked and played in the enclosed grounds of a local church. The trio was inseparable and Christian, smitten with his carers, was surprisingly compatible with life in trendy inner city London.

But as shown in Christian The Lion, his time there was limited. John and Ace realised their beloved furry friend had become too big for them to handle and knew that he needed a new home.

What followed was a labour of love for John and Ace, who were committed to finding Christian a home far from the cage in which they found him.

Christian The Lion documents this amazing, heartwarming journey.

This breathtaking documentary airs tonight on Channel Seven at 7.30pm.

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