UK Headlines: Channel 4 Acquires The Event

...Save your pennies people, it's apparently time to buy a 3D TV! On top of signing an exclusive deal with HBO, and launching a new comedy slate, today Sky has also announced the launch of its first 3D channel, due October 1. [CNET UK]

…Their competitors have been at it for a while now, but today (finally!) Virgin Media is launching its very own mobile and online on-demand service. The trial site will be available to customers on the services' most expensive package from today, and others will apparently get access later this year. Let's not complain about the wait though; more access to Comedy Central, Living and Nickelodeon is a good thing. [Neowin]

...Channel 4 has acquired the UK rights to the upcoming American conspiracy thriller, The Event. Though the book adaptation contains very few well-known actors (to us Brits at least) its trailer looks promising (see below)! We won't have to wait forever to watch it either; it debuts in the UK just weeks after its US premiere, in October. [C21 Media]

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Jul 29, 2010
Pft. Hate 3D at the cinema, darned if I'm going to bother at home.

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