UK Headlines: Five Culls Top Staff

…Times are changing at Five, but not necessarily for the better. At least, that's what the channel's senior staff must think. Having recently bought the struggling broadcaster Richard Desmond has decided to axe nine of its directors--with plans to cut more jobs. The money "saved" is to go back into programming over the next five years. Not that that will make them feel better. [The Guardian]

...On a more cheerful note, the broadcaster is looking to be the first to have its TV shows embedded onto Facebook. But, hey, why watch them there when you can watch them on [NMA]

The IT Crowd's Chris O'Dowd has joined the line-up for The Crimson Petal & White, alongside Gillian Anderson and Richard E Grant. The BBC adaptation will also star Sherlock's Mark Gatiss, Emma's Romola Garai and Bridget Jones' Shirley Henderson. Not bad, eh? [Rapid Talent]

…Channel 4 and Living have concocted one of the oddest crossovers ever: mixing Hollyoaks with Britain's Next Top Model. The hopefuls from this year's modelling show have been given cameos on the soap as part of a task. At least they'll fit in well on set: Hollyoaks is well-known for hiring good-looking but amateurish actors. [The Sun]

Film 2010 is having a revamp, and The Guardian's Danny Leigh is a part of it. The film blogger will co-present alongside Claudia Winkleman, who was announced as Jonathan Ross' successor in March. Will the combination work? Does anyone care? Find out when the new series launches in October. [BBC]

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