UK HEADLINES: Mad Men Brought Forward on BBC4

...Mad Men's fourth season, which is already proving popular in America, is coming to the UK (via BBC Four) far sooner than we thought. Don Draper and co. could be gracing our screens as early as next month if reports are to be believed. [The Guardian]

...As TV fans it's always great to hear of new ways we can watch our favourite shows.. or even shows on ITV. The terrestrial network's on demand player will soon be available on Sony's Playstation 3. [Digital Spy]

...Talking of more ways to watch TV: video on demand aggregator SeeSaw is now providing UK viewers another chance to watch NBC shows such as The Office and House. Unlike the British content on the site, you have to pay for these episodes but you can get 50p off with this voucher. [SeeSaw]

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