UK Headlines: New Skins Cast Revealed Soon

...Skins latest cast members will be announced next week. You only have to wait until next Thursday to find out which young actors will be propelled into stardom in the next season. [E4]

...All's not what it seems with the "exclusive" HBO and Sky deal. Despite Sky suggesting they'd be pinching shows from other channels, FX and Channel 4 claim to have retained the rights to their HBO-acquired shows including Hung and True Blood. [Dan's Media Digest]

...BBC One has announced the cast of its Upstairs Downstairs revival, and it's another stellar line-up. Among the cast there's Ashes To Ashes' Keeley Hawes, Little Dorrit's Claire Foy and Five Days' Anne Reid. [BBC Press]

...He's been regularly hovering behind our live news presenters trying to get on TV, but Paul Yarrow claims he's doing it to make a serious point about the image of unattractive people on our screens. It's still pretty funny to watch though. [The Guardian]

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Aug 02, 2010
Cant wait to find out who is going to be in the next generation of skins.