UK HEADLINES: Red Riding Star Becomes Spider-Man

...Red Riding's Andrew Garfield is the new face behind Spider-Man's mask. The brilliant BAFTA-winning actor, who has Doctor Who and Sugar Rush among his credits, will star in the next blockbuster movie, replacing Tobey Maguire. Unlikely casting decisions are almost always the best. [BBC]

...Rumours that Johnny Depp would be starring as the lead in a Doctor Who movie have thankfully been denied by the BBC. Whoever thought that up must be on a different planet; we can't begin to explain how wrong that would've been. [Reported in The Sun, rejected by i09]

...Following in the footsteps of his spotlight-loving wife, Alex Reid, the Big Brother winning beef cake, has gone and signed a deal with Bravo--the sister channel of Living, which recently snapped Katie Price up. Another reason to stick to terrestrial. [Digital Spy]

...We always knew those Outnumbered kids were destined for big things: Daniel Roche, otherwise known as mischievous Ben Brockman, has gone and nabbed the iconic role of William Brown in a BBC adaptation of the popular children's book Just William. Good for him! [Daily Mail]

...Struggling broadcaster Five has revealed its latest re-vamped schedule. Unfortunately, the channel's audience-grabbing attempts still include over-confident comedian Justin Lee Collins. At least Fiver and Five USA have Archer and Californication to fall back on. Look out for the new Steven Seagal show too. [The Guardian here and here]

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