UK HEADLINES: Sky One Cancels Blake's 7 Remake

...Sci-fi lovers can release a collective sigh of relief: Sky One won't be ruining Blake's 7 after all. Plans for a remake of Terry Nation's classic series have been cancelled by BSkyB, so it can spend more money on actual new shows instead. We're not surprised Sky's tight on cash considering all its recent splurges! [The Guardian]

...Want to read more news about Sky? It's a big one… Media watchdog Ofcom has decided that the broadcaster's film channel, Sky Movies, might hold too dominant a position in the TV market and--as a result--has sent in investigators. [BBC]

...Coronation Street's Geoffrey Hughes is battling with another bought of cancer. The 66-year-old is said to have collapsed at his home last Friday and is now having "intense radiotherapy" in hospital. Fingers crossed he can beat it again, like he thought he had last year. [Press Association]

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