UK HEADLINES: Susan Boyle to Star in Glee

...What does Susan Boyle have in common with Neil Patrick Harris, Olivia Newton-John and Kristin Chenoweth? Not a lot, you'd think. But, like them, she's acquired a guest spot on Glee. The Scottish singer will play a dinner lady in the Christmas episode, apparently. [BBC]

...ITV is definitely launching pay-to-view channels. New HD versions of ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 will be available on Sky this autumn as part of the satellite brodcaster's standard package. It's an interesting step for Sky to bolster their HD line-up ahead of Freesat HD and Virgin Media, but does anyone really want endless Poirot and Heartbeat re-runs in HD? [BBC]

...American comedies The Middle and Raising Hope are among more new shows acquired by Sky. They'll form part of the broadcaster's autumn schedule alongside new dramas Lone Star and Ride-Along. [Simply TV]

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