A Female Inbetweeners?

...E4 has purchased a new British comedy, dubbed by the broadcaster as "the female Inbetweeners" and unfortunately titled Sex and the Chippy. It's about a group of 30-something women, not teenage boys, and it's centred around a Scouse chip shop, not a school. No, we can't see the comparison either. [Broadcast]

...West End star Michael Ball, who still makes most mothers swoon, has been given his own ITV show. He'll reside in the 3pm chat slot which was yesterday pulled from the less-desirable mahogany-stained antiques expert David Dickinson. You can't complain about that, can you? [Reported in The Sun, confirmed on Twitter]

...Robson "Unchained Melody" Green has reportedly been signed up for Being Human's third season. The actor, whose credits range from Wire in the Blood to Extreme Fishing with Robson Green, is the second person announced to have signed to the series this week. Frankly we're more excited about Lacey Turner's appearance. [SFX]

...Channel 4 is likely to re-commission The Million Pound Drop, Davina McCall's live interactive quiz show. It really should get another season; its ratings were impressive and the show was great fun. Where do we sign up? [The Guardian]

...Katie Price has apparently signed a multi-million pound contract with Sky-owned Virgin Media, and has pilots in store for Bravo and Living. Freeview viewers should count themselves lucky--the deal means she'll stop suffocating the ITV schedule this autumn. [Digital Spy]

...On other ridiculous news: The Daily Mail reports that Ann Widdecome is to star in the next Strictly Come Dancing. She does have a penchant for reality shows. High profile celebs on the other hand do not. [The Daily Mail]

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Jun 24, 2010
I have Virgin Media so I'm not so happy!! I'd like to kick the idiot that came up with 'the female inbetweeners'.

One is male sixth formers, the other is 30-something women, yeah that's the same. One is centred round a chip shop (so these women are large then? Otherwise they'd not spend too much time near a chip shop, I'm 30 I know 30 year old women that's not the kind of place they hang out) the other is centred around a school, just so much the same.

Robson Green in Being Human? Good job I trust Toby Whithouse because that sounds awful.
Jun 24, 2010
Katie Price leaving our screens - thank you thank you thank you.