Under the Hood With Once Upon a Time's Meghan Ory

Whether you like her on Once Upon A Time as Ruby, the hot goth waitress that makes every guy in Storybrooke weak in the knees, or as Red Riding Hood, the innocent young girl who transforms into a wolf during “Wolftime,” Meghan Ory is an absolute stunner in all realities. I was lucky enough to get to talk with her about the show, building her characters, and her hopes for romance (for her characters, natch).

Your character is a huge fan favorite. Are you getting overwhelmed by fans on the street yet?

Meghan Ory: I'm not actually because I don't look anything like myself on the show. If I went out wearing red and crazy red lipstick and black eyeliner perhaps, but I'm pretty incognito right now, it's pretty fun.

So the Amy Winehouse make up isn’t your style?

For myself, personally in my life, not so much, but I loved it for Ruby. It's going to be nice though to see her depart from that and be more grounded and natural.

Did you realize from the start that your character was going to be this werewolf kind of creature? How far ahead could you build that into Ruby and into Red?

I found out fairly early on, a few episodes in, and it was pretty exciting when I found out, it added a really great dimension that was pretty fun to play.

Is there any chance Peter is still alive or did you definitely eat him?

I think Peter's pretty gone. I don't know, I'm not giving you spoilers because I don't know, but in my opinion I think Peter's probably gone. I think Red needs a new man in her life.

You and Graham always had this silent connection, and I guess the wolf was a part of that. Are there any love interests coming up for Ruby or Red?

I sure hope so, I think they both deserve it, don't you?

Oh definitely. What actor would you bring in to play your love interest?

I don't know, I think it would need to be somebody new, but you never know, there might be somebody waiting in the wings we haven't thought about. There are so many great fairytale characters to choose from, I think someone gallant would be good for Red.

You have a lot of fantasty work in your resume, are you drawn to fantasy scripts?

I am, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan. When you're acting, it’s a fantasy already, maybe it’s the costumes, I love it. It's so fun.

It looked like you and Ginnifer Goodwin were out in the woods in the last episode. I know a lot of the scenes are green screen environments but that looked real.

That was definitely real. When we were shooting we were looking around us and it was so beautiful we thought, "I wonder if people are going to think we're on a stage" because it was so perfect. The snow on the trees was immaculate, it was incredible.

And that was in Vancouver?

Yeah, we were on the top of Mt. Seymour, and it was actually much warmer than you would have thought because they have these stick-on body "hot shots" that warm up, so we had them all up and down our long underwear. I see people comment on how cold we must have been. My feet were cold, but other than that I was okay. They take good care of us.

You've done a lot of work with Ginnifer Goodwin, she's kind of a scene partner for you, which of her characters would you say she's more like?

Ginnifer is such an amazing actress she's not really like either of them. I think Ginnifer just IS Snow White. When we were shooting on the top of the mountain, there were all these birds around, and I'm not even joking: one of them landed ON her hand. Everybody's just like, "Okay, you actually ARE Snow White, the reincarnation of Snow White."

When you first got the part, did you start doing any preparation, like watching Fairy Tale Theatre marathons?

I definitely read a lot of books on the psychology and mythology behind fairy tales, because I think that's really fascinating and there's a lot to drawn on there. I'm a huge fairy tale fan in my life, so it was pretty exciting. From the moment I read the pilot I was like "I want to be a part of this show, I'll play a rock, I don't care."

Are you thinking about where your storyline might go next season?

We have to find out if we're getting a next season first, I hope we will. It'd be pretty surprising if we didn't, but you never know. I think all of us on the show want to see where it's going to go, we're fans of the show ourselves.

Ruby is growing where she's planted. Have you traveled a lot?

I'm a huge fan of traveling, I was actually in the Galapagos Islands during our hiatus between shooting the pilot and the show last year, which was AMAZING. I highly recommend it to anybody who feels like going somewhere totally untouched.

Is that the place with the giant turtles?

Yeah, the giant tortoises, the iguanas that live in the ocean... it's pretty amazing.

What were some of the psychological fairy tale connections that stayed with you?

A lot of Red Riding Hood is about warning young girls from predatory men, to see the wolf was losing your virginity back in the day, so I thought that was really interesting. I read a quote from Charles Dickens who said "Little Red Riding Hood was my first love, and I thought if I could have married Little Red Riding Hood I should have known perfect bliss." She's like the image of innocence and purity and all of that, before she meets the wolf and goes through her transformation, and I thought that was really cool and its an interesting history to be a part of.

Can you give us any hints about the murder case and how far that's gong to extend?

I think it might be pretty crazy if Emma has to arrest Mary Margaret, I think that would make for a pretty crazy scene, and her fingerprints were found on the inside of the box, so I could see it happening.

The next Once Upon A Time, “Heart of Darkness” airs this Sunday at 8pm on ABC. Check out the promo!

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Very nice, thank you for the interview!
Yay for this!! I love Meghan!! Red is quickly becoming one of my most favorite characters on the show :D
Thank you!!! Finally someone else who saw the connection between her and Graham! I kept hoping for them to hook up, Ruby's been my favourite since the first episode, and so has Graham.
did she know you hated her episode?
"(by the way, how hot and amazing is Meghan Ory? Hi there Angelina Jolie 2.0!) "

"Red Riding Hood as a lady werewolf who tied up her one true love and refused to leave his side, then morphed and ate him: that's daring, dark and amazing and I can't hold my two thumbs up high enough to that kind of madness."

"Time to Transform"


What part of this didn't you understand?
Did you actually read the review from last week?

Your first quote is out of context because it's immediately followed by:

"was "Adventure is scary! Don't leave home!" And I strenuously object to that message. You find one human heart in a box and you need to go running home with your werewolf tail between your legs? Not okay."

You didn't even quote the entire thought.

And your second quote is even more out of context because it was followed by how much Lily couldn't stand the fact that Ruby decided to stay and run Granny's shop, which many found endearing, but Lily definitely did not:

"She spent one day kind of outside of her comfort zone and then decided nothing could be better than running a diner in the town she's never left. Fantastic message. If you really want to streamline existence, why not just be born in your own open grave and curl up there until you die? Then you REALLY don't have to worry about getting into trouble in the outside world. I have no patience with this "Grow where you're planted" kind of message."

It's especially funny because of the aforementioned (by you) softball question: "Ruby is growing where she's planted. Have you traveled a lot?"

Note that this was just in relation to Ruby-related critiques, not anything else negative...which there was a lot of...but that's why I asked the original question, paraphrased: Did the actress know that the review of said episode was really not a positive one?

anyways, love this show, and even when I disagree with them the critics and critiques are great, although I suspect all tv.com writers would rather be in a landfill smashing televisions with sledgehammers than putting a pen to page.
More +
"Never in my viewing life have things that I liked so much been so bound up with things that I can't stand"

This is as close as Lily came to saying she hated the episode.

As to my quotes being "out of context", they are in fact all the quotes relatable to the actress being interviewed. Beyond the interview, there is nothing relatable to Meghan Ory. She is neither production nor writing staff. She's an actress. Hence, the softball comment. It is NOT the interviewer's job to question an actor about topics they do not control, nor necessarily have input into the resulting episode beyond their performance(complimented by Lily).

Of the 15 episodes aired, Lily admitted disliking 5. Leaving 10 positive reviews. The 5 episodes she disliked resulted in the highest of the 15 review responses(with the exception being Eps.4).

As to your last comment, I doubt that anyone who sees television as an artform would prefer to destroy the medium rather than intelligently discuss the triumphs and shortcomings.
Lily doesn't seem to like OUaT anymore. Shouldn't be interviewing the cast members. Stop quoting people, it's creepy and obsessive..
I don't know that Lily hated the episode as such. I got the impression that she just didn't like the Storybrooke storyline. And I don't blame her - the fairytale storylines are usually much more interesting, IMHO.

I did have a little giggle to myself at the question about travelling, though. Good interview, Lily.
I agree. I am starting to kinda groan when it goes back to the "real world". It's funny when the fairytale stories are more plausible :op
"...I'll play a rock, I don't care."

Even if she were a rock, I'm certain I'd still find her very attractive...

... though I'm glad she's not because that may have lead me to acquire some odd, and probably harmful, rock fetish.
Okay, Meghan Ory is a Harry Potter geek, too! I didn't think it was possible for me to could crush any harder, but there you have it. If she said GoT, I probably would have lost it!
Nice job, Lily. Even biting your tongue with this one,

"Ruby is growing where she's planted. Have you traveled a lot?" Great softball!!

Of course, the one question I would like to know the answer to is "Is the writing staff firmly in place and on track to resolving some of the plot holes??" But that's not for the cast.

As to the murder, it is Ruby that plays a pivotal role in MM's predicament.

I also just found out that the 1st 5 episodes have been released and are available at Target.(hopefully with some cast & crew extras!!

I can't help it, I just have to say it: I wouldn't mind being under the hood with Meghan.

Again a great interview. I hope that we'll see more of Ruby in the future. I would hate to see her fall back to a role no bigger than that of a background actor.
HAHA! Beat me to it!
Supernatural S7E11 !! Not exactly the BEST lunch date though!!
Love Meghan. Love the interview.

But why, why, why(!) does the screen shot of Rumpelstiltskin that the promo shows make him look so much extra creepy?!?!
He is good at being creepy isn't he?


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