Undercover Boss Australia comes out on top

Last night's premiere of Undercover Boss Australia swept the board with a peak audience of 1.56 million viewers.

The Australian adaptation is based on the American format, in which a multinational CEO spends a week in their employee's shoes to allow them to address issues and problems within the company.

The original US version has consistently received high ratings in Australia and TEN is on a course to garner as much success with the local version. It has also been popular with business owners, who are able to utilise the platform as a source of free advertising and self-promotion.

Last night saw Dominos get a once over from CEO Don Meij. The head of the nation's biggest fast food pizza company grew a beard to go undercover and investigate the day-to-day lives of his employees, with the aim of improving morale.

Check out the promo below to get an idea of Meij's experiences.

The hit CBS comedy Two and a Half Men also drew an impressive audience for Nine, with the average number of viewers reaching 1.45 million.

Behind the current affair staple Today Tonight came the new BBC production Sherlock, which dragged in well over 1.24 million viewers to see the newest, modernised incarnation of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle detective character.

The disappointment of the night came from Seven, whose premiere of the multimillion-dollar US production The Event struggling to bring in just over half a million viewers.

After being hyped as the new Heroes and/or Lost, Seven will surely be hurting over its lacklustre performance.

Undercover Boss Australia airs 8:30pm Mondays on TEN.

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