Undercovers Gets Burned by NBC

Don't worry, J.J. Abrams. Even I have bad days. NBC has decided not to extend the order for Abrams' new drama Undercovers after a disappointing start to its debut season.

The show will eventually burn off all its 13 episodes, but only the next three episodes will air in the show's current Wednesday-at-8:00pm timeslot. After that, it's anyone's guess when the final batch of episodes will air (Saturday nights seem to be a popular day to finish off non-returning series). The choice makes Undercovers only the second NBC show to fall victim to the axe this season, getting thrown onto the garbage heap alongside Outlaw, which didn't last long at all.

With a likable cast, a big name like Abrams behind it, and a super-spy storyline, where did Undercovers go wrong? It seems as though NBC was more in love with the idea of the show and J.J. Abrams' name than it was with making it a good series. Undercovers never really found its footing, wavering back and forth between being way too light and trying to be a legitimate spy drama. A spy show should be full of of spy technology, tactical scheming, and cat-and-mouse pursuits. Undercovers was devoid of all of that.

One thing it did do right was cast two black leads in Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, a rare feat for primetime TV, particularly in drama category, which usually relegates minorities to the background. It's just unfortunate the show couldn't figure itself out.

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