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There is a long and storied history of siblings finding success in music groups, with such names as the Jackson 5, The Kinks, DeBarge, the Clipse, Zapp, Oasis, and Hanson. Sometimes the blood bond works magic in the studio, other times, family tensions can boil over into chaos. So far, it's working just fine for The Knux, two brothers who grew up in New Orleans but split after Katrina. Now, they're living the high life in Hollywood, prepping their debut album for megalabel Interscope Records.

Originally called The Knuckle Heads, Al Millio and Krispy began their rap career making demos with their uncle after finding inspiration from sophomore albums by Nas and the Gravediggaz. Eventually, they started producing everything themselves, programming beats and flipping live instrumentation to thicken up their sound.

On the mic, there's a bit of an OutKast vibe going on, with traces of The Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief as well. Lyrically, they are decidedly nongangster, but thankfully, they avoid the man-purse glorification steez of Kanye and Lupe. With their trendy fashion sense and semithrowback beats, they are already being groomed as the next big hipster rap sensation. But unlike many in that field, their music is legitimately funky, and their rhymes are on point.

The guitar-laced first single "Cappuccino" is all over the Internet, and their ridiculously catchy remix sounds like a long lost Native Tongues outtake, stashed away on two-inch tape from the much-reminisced-upon golden era. They've been getting a lot of press recently, in addition to playing several high-profile shows at SXSW last month, and opened for Common on his Finding Forever tour. With their debut album Remind Me in 3 Days... set to drop later this year, look for The Knux to be real big, real soon.

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The Knux "Cappucino"

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