UPDATE: We Now Have All The Answers To This Trivia-Infused TV Medley (VIDEO)

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You love TV and you love a good challenge, so here's a little trivia for you: NYC-based musicians KorenEnsemble have arranged over 15 TV theme songs into a two-minute instrumental medley that's not only lovely, but carries a built-in "guess that tune" game. Watch the video below to see the group's performance, displayed in split screen alongside the players' humble reenactments of the opening credit sequences that go with each song.

Pretty awesome, right? It's not nearly as jarring as you'd expect a medley of TV themes to be, due in large part to the uniform cover style and consistent pace. And while many of the songs will be instantly recognizable to avid TV fans -- I particularly enjoyed hearing the all-too-familiar Cheers intro -- there are some more difficult ditties in there, too. Well played, KorenEnsemble... literally.

Can you name all the songs in the medley? Post your best guesses in the comments.

Update: Check your guesses against KorenEnsemble's official set list, which we've managed to get our grubby little hands on earlier today. Click through to Page 2 to see it.

As promised, here is the official list of theme songs played in KorenEnsemble's video medley, in order of appearance.

1. The Office

2. Beverly Hills 90210

3. Friends

4. The Simpsons

5. Dexter

6. Sex and the City

7. The X-Files

8. Pink Panther

9. Married... With Children

10. Curb Your Enthusiasm

11. 30 Rock

12. Seinfeld

13. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

14. The Muppets

15. Dawson's Creek

16. The A-Team

17. Cheers

How'd you do? Are you as theme song-savvy as you thought? We'd love to know.

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