Updated: Survivors Axed By BBC

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The Survivors outlived deadly viruses, defeated violent gangs and escaped labour camps but they won't be getting a third season, a source claims.

Total Sci-Fi, a small but reputable fan site, announced the show's cancellation this morning. And though there's no official word from Auntie (see below for update) we wouldn't be surprised if it's true. Despite its ambitious storylines BBC's Survivors failed to attract decent audience figures to its second season, which aired earlier this year. Ratings dropped from an average of 5.9 million to its debut series to just 4.5 million to its swine-flu delayed second season opener--and things got gradually worse from there. The once-popular TV remake, which starred Julie Graham and Zoe Tapper, exited on a cliff-hanger inevitably leaving fans wanting more. But, alas, it looks likely that the show won't be living up to its name.

UPDATE: A BBC spokesperson has since confirmed that the channel has decided not to renew Survivors for a third season.

Read the full Total Sci-Fi story for more.

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