UPDATED: When and Where Will New US Shows Air in the UK?

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It's been a gripe of British TV viewers for as far back as we can remember: how long will it take American shows to air in the UK? Sometimes we have to wait months, even years, before we're legitimately allowed to watch internationally-successful shows. But this season things are looking up. Many of the most talked-about new shows, still yet to air in America, have already been snapped up in the UK--and they're being scheduled fairly close to their international debuts.

We know it can get pretty confusing keeping track of what new 2010 show has been picked up, so we've created this list for you--so you're always in the know. We'll be updating this page so it's always up-to-date, so we suggest you bookmark it and check back when in need of an update.

Here's the most recent breakdown, by date of acquisition:

Mike & Molly... The CBS comedy featuring two overweight characters started on Comedy Central on October 4. You can catch up and watch the first episode on the Comedy Central UK website.

Raising Hope... The upcoming parent comedy will air alongside American comedy The Middle (which has already aired its first season in the States) on Sky One this autumn.

Lone Star... This drama, about a ruthless businessman new to the Texas oil industry, was added to Sky One's autumn line-up. However, the show has since been axed in the US after two episodes. Its future on Sky One is currently unclear.

Ride-Along... This Chicago police drama will also air on Sky One this autumn.

Boardwalk Empire... As part of their deal with HBO, Sky is to air this prohibition drama, starring The Sopranos' Steve Buscemi, "shortly after" it's American debut in September 2010. They're now saying it might not air until 2012...

Game of Thrones... This medieval fantasy adaptation doesn't start on America's HBO until spring 2011, but the deal Sky signed with the American network means it's already guaranteed a UK airdate, as is Treme.

The Event... Channel 4 brings NBC's conspiracy thriller to the UK at 9pm on Friday, 22 October.

The Defenders... FX will be airing the CBS drama, about two Las Vegas defence attorneys, next year. It debuts in America this September.

Nikita... Living adds this action series, about a female assassin, alongside its usual schedule of romance and supernatural shows this autumn. Again, it's set to premiere in the UK "shortly after" its international debut on Thursday, October 7.

Chase... Jerry Bruckheimer hopes to emulate his CSI success with this police drama. He'll have to wait a while to do it in the UK though; the show (which will be renamed for British viewers) won't air on Living until some point in 2011. Its American debut is on NBC on September 20th.

Hawaii Five-0... The American cop remake, which stars Lost's Daniel Dae Kim, was meant to air on Bravo on 14 October, but as the channel's been axed by Sky the premiere is being held back. It'll be aired on another sky-owned channel at a later date (not yet confirmed).

The Walking Dead... The zombie series that put Comic-Con in a trance debuts on FX in the UK on November 5th--not long after it airs on American channel, AMC.

Rubicon... The conspiracy thriller, starring James Badge Dale (The Pacific) unveils a major cover-up on BBC4 this autumn/winter.

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