UPDATED: When Will Returning US Shows Air in the UK?

Now that the latest US television season has kicked off, you’re probably concerned about when your favourite imports are returning to the UK. No worries, we'll keep track of the premiere dates for you. At the moment, the list looks a little scarce--this is because most shows have a ‘TBC’ return date--but we’ll keep you updated right here as more details start to surface, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back often.

And as a reminder, we already have a feature up covering when the brand new US shows are coming over to this side of the Atlantic.

Mad Men – The latest season of the critically acclaimed period drama is already airing on BBC4 on Wednesdays.

Life Unexpected – Though the US are currently enjoying season 2, the first season started mid-September on E4. If you've missed anything, you can catch up on 4oD.

Gossip Girl – Scandalous! Catch up with your favourite Upper East Siders when season 4 starts on September 22 on ITV2.

Castle – Alibi is one full season behind; Richard Castle will be back solving murder mysteries in the season 2 premiere on September 22.

Warehouse 13 – The sci-fi series fronted by Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly returns to Syfy for season 2 on September 23.

House – Fans who’ve been clamouring for House and Cuddy to get together will have been satisfied with last season’s finale. See what happens next on October 3; the medical procedural fronted by Hugh Laurie will be on Sky 1.

NCIS: Los AngelesChris O’Donnell and LL Cool J return for season 2 of the NCIS spin-off on October 4 on Sky 1.

Community (added Oct 5)Chevy Chase! Viva starts showing season 1 on October 5. The States are already watching season 2.

The Vampire Diaries – ITV2 will be showing the season 2 premiere, “The Return”, of The Vampire Diaries on October 5.

Stargate UniverseRobert Carlyle is back for season 2 on October 5 on Sky 1--just one week after it starts in the US.

Fringe – Will Olivia find her way out of the alternate universe? Sky 1 doesn’t plan to make you wait too long, as they’re airing the show’s third season premiere on October 5.

Modern Family – New episodes of the mockumentary will begin showing on October 7 on Sky 1.

America's Next Top Model – Cycle 14 begins airing on October 11 on Living, with André Leon Talley a new addition to the judging panel.

Bones (updated Oct 7) – After the team went their separate ways in last season’s finale, it looks like they’ll all be reunited when season 6 starts on Sky One at 9pm on Wednesday, October 20.

Lie To Me (added Oct 7) The third season of the human lie detector show returns to Sky One on Wednesday, October 20.

Desperate Housewives (added Sept 27) – How will the ladies of Wisteria Lane react to the reappearance of Paul Young? Find out on October 22 on Channel 4.

NCIS (added Sept 27)Mark Harmon's Special Agent Gibbs returns in the series 8 premiere on October 22 on FX.

Family Guy (added Sept 27) – You should mark November 4 on your calendars if you're a fan of FX's adult animated comedy.

Eastbound & Down (added Sept 27) – The baseball-themed comedy is back on FX from November 11.

Glee – The Gleeks among you will have to wait until 2011 to see what happens in the new season of the wildly popular musical series on E4.

True Blood – FX is taking their time with the vampire drama. Sookie and co. will return in 2011 for season 3.

What are you most looking forward to?

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Oct 11, 2010
NCIS and have just watched S2 Ep1 of Stargate Universe
Oct 07, 2010
true blood, vampire diaries, glee, desperate housewives, life unexpected and americas next top model
Sep 28, 2010
Glad I caught this. Nearly missed Warehouse 13 starting!
Sep 25, 2010
@Astrates: No news on Supernatural so far. It's looking like it'll be a 2011 return.
Sep 25, 2010
News on Supernatural would be nice
Sep 24, 2010
House of course.... Gregory is a very lucky man. Cuddy is WOW! I still prefer season 1. The cast were better.

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