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USA Loves It Some In Plain Sight

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... USA (the network, not the fast-food capital of the world) has renewed In Plain Sight. And not just for one season, but for TWO seasons. Why? Because it can. USA don't play by no rules, man. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Stephen McPherson resigned from his job as ABC's boss on Monday, and many speculated that it had as much to do with his inter-office reputation as it did with ABC's middling performance during his reign. Now reports are surfacing that ABC was in the midst of conducting an internal sexual harassment investigation on McPherson. According to a source, multiple claims have been filed against McPherson by executives and on-air talent. So I guess it wasn't just because he gave the green light to Hank? [The Live Feed]

... Damon Lindelof, the super-geek behind Lost, has revealed his next project. He'll be in charge of the rewrite of 20th Century Fox's Alien prequel, the long-in-development movie with Ridley Scott attached. Apparently Lindelof and Scott met up and discussed a new take on the film that Scott loved. I'm so excited about this I think my heart is going to burst from my chest! Wait... that's not my heart! ARAHRGAHRGHGHHHHHLLELEGHGLLEEEEEEE... [Deadline Hollywood]

... And here's some more news that can tangentially be tied to Lost! Actor Mark Pellegrino, Lost's Jacob and Supernatural's Lucifer, has been cast on SyFy's Being Human remake for American audiences. In the werewolf-vampire-ghost series, Pellegrino will play Bishop, a vampire mentor to Aidan. I don't think that character was in the original BBC version, unless they changed Herrick's name. [SyFy via press release]

... Actress Jennifer Grey and her unrecognizable nose will guest star on House next season as the mother of an ill child. Grey is best known as the chick from Dirty Dancing, Ferris Bueller's sister, and the best proof there is that a nose job can be a good thing. [EW]

... A former stage manager has accused Jimmy Fallon of sexual discrimination. And get this, the accuser is a DUDE. Paul Tarascio claims that Fallon "just prefers to take direction from a woman" and only let women mic him up. Jimmy's just one of the girls, I guess. []

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