USA Renews a Trio of Shows

... USA Network continues to run hot during the summer, with several of its programs hovering at the top of the cable ratings. As a reward, the network has renewed three of its shows: Royal Pains, White Collar, and Psych will all be back for another season, with Psych returning for Season 6 and the others entering their third. That makes USA seven-for-seven with returning shows. Sound like they're doing something right. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Josh Schwartz (Chuck) is re-teaming with Rachel Bilson (Tim's top 100 hotties) for a new project called Ghost Angeles. The "supernatural romantic comedy," purchased by NBC even though a script hasn't been written yet, stars Bilson as a woman who can communicate with the dead, and someone probably falls in love or something and everyone's happy yayyyyyy! [Deadline Hollywood]

... In "just give up on life now" news, CBS has given the greenlight to another Twitter-based show. Seriously. This time the Twitter feed is Shh Don't Tell Steve, which sees one guy secretly tweeting the exploits of his rambunctious roommate. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go buy a shotgun and start preparing my last meal. [The Live Feed]

... And the new Bachelor for ABC's popular dating show is... Brad Womack. Womack was The Bachelor in 2007. He's a lucky guy, as not many men get a second chance to spread venereal diseases to desperate women at the expense of a major television network. [ABC via press release]

... Max Weinberg, the long-time drummer for Conan O'Brien's late-night shows, has announced that he won't be joining the redhead for his upcoming TBS show, Conan. Jimmy Vivino will take over as Coco's bandleader. [New York Times]

... Jorge Garcia, Lost's Hurley, has landed another guest starring role. He'll play an old college friend of the gang on How I Met Your Mother. Garcia's character Blitz "is said to have extremely bad timing, as he always leaves the room just before something interesting happens." How the heck is this show still popular with storylines like that? [Digital Spy]

... Summer Glau will bring her Death Touch to Chuck, guest-starring in this season's eighth episode. Expect the show to be canceled the following day. (Get it? Because everything Summer is in gets canceled! Ha ha! Oh, I kill me.) [EW]

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