USA Renews Psych for Season 8

Twitter once again became a legit news source last night as USA Network executive Ted Linhart announced some good news for Psych fans:

If for some reason the embed above doesn't appear on your Kindle Fire or Nokia text message alert, it says, "Psych has been renewed for an 8th season -- S7 starts Feb 2013 -- details to come later." However, we now know that Season 8 will only be eight episodes long.

"But Season 7 hasn't even started," you say. Correct! Season 7 starts in February, meaning creator Steve Franks has plenty of time to map out Season 8.

But why so much time? Why the super advanced renewal? Why why why? I can only relay what others are prognosticating: Season 8 could be Psych's last. Fans, what do you think—is that a bad thing, or is it time?

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