USA Renews White Collar for Season 4

Actually Fairly Important News
... USA has given the go ahead, the greenlight, the thumbs up, and the rarely seen Diamond Acorn to a fourth season of White Collar. The show follows a former con man who is now teamed up with the FBI to stop white-collar crimes (not the Catholic Church boy-touching ones). The network has ordered 16 new episodes which means 16 more hours of Matt Bomer, who single-handedly made TV handsomer than ever. For you stats junkies: it's averaging 5.7 million viewers. [Variety]

... Producer-director Peter Berg brought Friday Night Lights to the small screen, so let's hear what he has to say. "I'm pitching a show to NBC that's a Western from a female point of view. They just bought a script." Sounds great, Peter! [THR]

... HBO has finally told us when we can get more The Life and Times of Tim, the best animated show that HBO has ever canceled and then uncanceled. The series, a personal favorite about a shmoe in New York City that's part Curb Your Enthusiasm part something else I can't think of right now, will return on Monday, December 19. Also getting announced today was Angry Boys, the latest from Summer Heights High's Chris Lilley. It follows half a dozen characters, all played by Lilley. Look for it December 5. [HBO via press release]

... NBC continued its tear of developing shows that actually sound good with a new project previously known as The Yard. The Office-style mockumentary examines life on an elementary schoolyard. [Deadline Hollywood]

Here Ye! Hear You! Casting!
... Game of Thrones has made another casting announcement, and... it's a black guy! Finally. British actor Lucian Msamati (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency) will play Salladhor Saan, a for-hire pirate that sails for Stannis Baratheon. I don't remember him being black, either. [EW]

... CBS' The Talk is adding Kardashian mom Kris Jenner to its stable of hee-hawers. She'll fill in as the alternate host of the talk show, which has seen a big change to its panel recently. Also being added (in what capacity I'm not sure) is Sheryl Underwood, a comedian who reportedly likes to call herself a "God-fearing black Republican." If they want to turn this show into an hour of women screaming at each other, mission accomplished. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Real actress Jamie Lee Curtis is joining NCIS for a Sweeps Week role. She'll play a hotshot from the Department of Defense that messes with the NCISers and could even get into Gibbs' pants. [TV Line]

... Remember that old creepy guy from Lost? No, not Locke. You know, the one who was all mysterious and stuff? No, not Jack's dad. You know... that guy! With the Scotch! YES! Widmore! Well the actor who played him (Alan Dale) will play Prince Charming's dad in ABC's fairy-tale drama Once Upon a Time. [TV Line]

... Heather Graham has grabbed the female lead in Rob Corddry's Fox comedy Little In Common. The show is about a California family (Corddry, Graham, some adorable kid) who move to Texas and bond with/clash culturally with people in the community that are involved in Little League baseball. This one is sure to be a ground-rule double! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Seinfeld's Jason Alexander will guest star on NBC's Harry's Law as a teacher who is fired after flunking a student. Look Jason, if you needed some money you could've just asked me. [TV Guide]

Bad News, Good News
... Bad first, because we like to send you off with a smile. Actor Michael Showers was found dead yesterday in the Mississippi River. Showers played the role of Captain Guidry in HBO's Treme. The cause of death is unknown. []

... Star Trek might get a new series, if Battlestar Galactica producer David Foster has anything to say. He's pitching a series to CBS set within the universe of the famed sci-fi show and taking place post-Voyager era. Make it happen, Les! [NY Post]

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