V Aliens Find the High Ratings They Came in Search Of

...ABC's watery new event series V had the highest ratings of any new series of the season on Tuesday night. 14 million people tuned in to learn all about how lizard people are secretly running the world. Thems good numbers! But let's see how it fares in its second week, when the curiosity factor is gone and all that's in play is whether people actually liked the first go around. [Variety]

...Never afraid of a political story, HBO is working on an adaptation of a book called Guests of the Ayatollah, which is about the 1979 Tehran Embassy hostage crisis. People who produced and wrote Black Hawk Down and World Trade Center are involved. Let's hope they use the "Ayatollah Ass-a-hole-a" ad campaign. [Variety]

...24 vet Reiko Aylesworth is joining the expansive cast of Damages for its third season. This is good news for Aylesworth, who was recently pushed off of The Forgotten after filming the pilot episode. Well, actually, maybe that was a blessing in disguise. Another 24 alum, Sarah Wynter, is also suiting up for the FX legal drama. [THR]

...'80s movie queen turned '00s TV duchess Jennifer Beals is taking a break from Lie to Me and various planned The L Word retrospectives (one hopes) to star in the Hallmark Channel holiday movie The Night Before the Night Before Christmas. No you're not seeing double and no I did not make a typo. This movie takes place on the 23rd, as Santa accidentally loses track of the days and goes out delivering presents a night early, then somehow ends up crashing on Jennifer Beals' roof. The rest of the movie is spent with Beals and family trying to help Santa come to terms with his apparent drinking problem. [THR]

...Uh oh. Math nerds and Rob Morrow fans come together to mourn. CBS' long-running Numb3rs, a crime show about a hunt for a missing letter 'e', has had its season order cut from 22 episodes to 16. This does not spell (or count?) good things for the show's future. Rumor is it could be replaced by Flashpoint. [Variety]

...Oh mercy. Bigtime director Roland Emmerich is saying that there's a TV series spin-off in the works for his new epically-disastrous movie 2012. The series would be set after the apocalypse, with people trying to resettle what's left of a ruined Earth. Clearly it will be a multi-camera sitcom. But seriously guys, have you seen the extended scene of that movie? Freaking awesome. [EW]

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